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About Us

GoEco is a locally owned cleaning business in Tauranga, NZ that provides a wide variety of cleaning services that ranges from pressure washing of household & commercial exteriors, to oven cleaning in residential kitchens. We believe in the welfare of the environment and thus use cleaning chemicals that are verified as “Eco Friendly". This is because we at GoEco wish to ensure that our work strives for quality while being safe for anyone and anything in our surroundings.

A word from the Owner – 7 YEARS IN CLEANING

Hi, my name is Vineel Raj and I am the owner of the GoEco Cleaning Services. I started this business in 2015, here in Tauranga and offer Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Oven Cleaning and Water Blasting Services. With over 7 years of cleaning experience, my goal is to use 100% natural cleaning products that is safe for your family and the environment.


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Cleaning Mean and Keeping it Green
We at GoEco Cleaning Services aim to provide affordable cleaning procedures using clean and green methods. Servicing the Tauranga area, from Bethlehem to Papamoa, GoEco Cleaning Services offer everything from window and carpet cleaning for residential homes to office and commercial cleaning. Using 100% eco-natural products, our professional staff have a strong focus on producing exceptional results every time. Whether you’re in need of a helping hand to get the house sorted before a special occasion, or needing the exterior looking sparkling again, Goeco Cleaning Services will ensure your home or business looks as it should.


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